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Posted on January 30, 2014 in Social Media, Twitter


Feel like no one is listening when you tweet? If you are tweeting quality content and getting minimal click throughs, retweets, replies or favourites… then you might want to check out these 3 easy steps to increase your chances of Twitter engagement.

1. Twitter engagement for brands is 17% higher on weekends



This might come as surprise and seeing as though only 19% of brands tweet on the weekends it most likely will… but it turns out the weekend is the best time to get your Twitter account noticed.

How? Why? You ask
It’s fair to say that the majority of social media managers work 9 to 5 jobs, so apart from the few that might schedule tweets or even actually be active/responsive on weekend, the majority of brands take a mini holiday every weekend. This means that as a brand or individual the Twitter stream is now less populated with your competitors and other Twitter brand’s tweets. Combine this with the fact that the majority of Twitter activity comes from smartphone usage, you now have increase chance of reaching users as they relax on the weekend.

2. Twitter users on smartphones are 181% more likely to be on Twitter during their commute



Do you schedule when you want to send important tweets? Well if you don’t… tisk tisk

To ensure that you achieve optimal exposure it has been proven to post tweets in the morning 7am to 9am, 1pm to 2 pm and after 7pm. These times when broken down make sense as these are the times during the day in which Twitter users are not working, in the morning they are waking up, lying in bed checking their social networks and then commuting to work. At lunch time they are taking a break and again browsing their social networks activities. After 7pm though is Twitter prime time with many Twitter users sitting on the couch and interacting with their phone as they watch TV. Personally I always look to launch Tweet Perth competitions after 7pm knowing that the competition will have optimal exposure.

There are numerous programs which offer scheduling tweet functionality, but to ensure that you tweets reach the largest audience possible I would suggest Buffer.

3. Twitter character sweet spot



140 characters doesn’t seem like much however, it is enough for some people to waffle in their tweet and some how manage to use 10 hashtags. The key to Twitter click through rate and retweet success is to ensure that your tweet characters range from 100-130, as shorter posts tend to garner more engagement.

Shorter tweets allow users to add commentary to your tweet when they RT or reply and a shorter tweet is also ideally straight to the point making it easier for the user to understand what is behind the tweet link.

In conclusion

Start using Buffer if you’re not already. Start tweeting your 100 to 130 character tweets on the weekend (every day for that matter) and remember to tweet your important tweets in the morning, lunch and after dinner.

Source: bufferapp.com

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