Twitter 2015 – Part One

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It’s no secret I am a Twitter fan, it is a big part of my life both for work and leisure. Using Twitter for what would no doubt be hours each day, I am always constantly thinking of ideas to not only improve my own Twitter strategy, but to think of what I would like Twitter to do next, or what I would like them to become.

So this got me thinking as to where I see Twitter going and I will bring you my thoughts in a three part series.

Part one will cover my first idea – Algorithm


Twitter Algorithm

Now Twitter faithful yes I did say Algorithm and Twitter together – please put down the fire and pitchforks… I am not talking about a Facebook style Algorithm, I am talking about something more intelligent, localised and informative.

Why do we love Twitter so much? Twitter is real-time, it is bite size content that defines the present. We check our Twitter account regularly because we don’t want to miss what’s happening, some of us are really good and optimising our time spent on Twitter, however the general user isn’t. The general user will often scroll through their home feed, notifications and maybe a hashtag every now and then.

What if Twitter’s algorithm was able to learn how you use Twitter – what accounts you frequently engage with, what topics you talk about, hashtags you use, news articles/sites you read, important local information… and what if they sent a push notification ‘Top Tweets/Topics/Categories’ designed specifically for you every 15 minutes (or a preferred defined time by you ie. every hour). Twitter users would still actively engage with their standard notifications, home timeline, list, and searches just as they are now. Though if Twitter was able to produce a personalised push notification algorithm, I believe it would increase user activity, build better Twitter communities and continue to define Twitter as the world’s number one real-time information source. But best of all it will make Twitter easier to use for the general user, which has always been one of Twitter’s sticking points – how do you use it!?!

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Imagine the Twitter app is able to sync to your phones alarm clock so it knows when you will be waking up. From the moment you close your phone the algorithm starts to work over night – in the morning you wake up with a summary of the most important Tweets/Topics/Categories personalised to you based on Twitter activity overnight and in real-time from the morning.

For me I could imagine seeing the following:

  • Traffic lights out corner of X/Y – find out more #perthtraffic
  • View sunrise photos in Perth this morning
  • @astro_reid’s tweet ‘I’m 90% sure this is one of my favorite towns… has received over 300 retweets – check it out now
  • Justin Timberlake will be performing at @PerthArena tonight – Join the conversation #JTperth
  • Apple iPhone 6 revealed – find out more #applelive

As you can see from the above list there is a mix of information that is real-time, local and summary of activity. Do you think this would be of benefit to you first thing in the morning? Do you think push notifications every X minutes/hours doing the same would be of benefit? What about when you fly to a different city – wouldn’t you like to know a summary of the what’s happening in that city?

I believe social media is going to become a lot more personalised and I feel that if done correctly Twitter has an amazing opportunity to keep their real-time timeline and if they’re able to, learn from users actions to bring them push notification algorithm based updates. Everyone will love Twitter even more, from the power users to the general user.

What are your thoughts?

Coming Soon: Twitter 2015 – Part Two: Categories

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