Telethon 2013 Social Media Statistics

Posted on October 22, 2013 in Facebook, Instagram, Social Media, Twitter


This years Telethon was my very first Telethon experience and it was simply amazing… hectic and crazy busy but amazing!

It was a honour to be approached by Telethon and to team up with good friend Brock Walter to create the Telethon social media campaign and drive the activity for the weekend.

Most importantly though we were amazed with the Social Media results obtained and here are just a few;

  • 30 Live TV crosses to the Social Media Cafe
  • 17 Live Facebook blog chats with celebs
  • 74,452 Facebook Page Likes/Friends (+doubled)
  • 91 Facebook posts over 38hrs created :
  • 113,003 likes on our FB posts
  • 5,910 shares of our FB posts
  • 8,028 comments on our FB posts
  • 12,861 @telethon7 Twitter followers (+doubled)
  • 799 @Fatcat Twitter followers
  • 1.92 million tweets used the #telethon7 creating 3.53 billion Twitter impressions

A big thanks goes out to all the people at Channel 7 and most importantly the celebrities who made our lives even easier by being so willing and helpful to be apart of the Social Media campaign.

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