Stop auto posting photos from Instagram to Twitter

Posted on April 11, 2014 in Instagram, Social Media, Twitter


How do you typically share photos on Twitter?

Personally I take the time to make sure that I always share important photos directly through the Twitter app itself. The main reason why I do this is so that the photos are then added to the photo album on my Twitter account for all my followers to see and browse through (especially since Instagram photos are no longer visible in your Twitter photo albums). Secondly Twitter photos auto preview in tweets so Followers can easily see and interact with the photo when they click on the tweet. With Instagram or Facebook photos Twitter users have to click on the link to then be taken away from Twitter to view the photo.

Dan Zarella of Hubspot produced this Infographic showcasing there are many popular ways to share photos on Twitter, only one will guarantee you the most retweets, highlighting the importance of taking the extra time to post your photos through Twitter as opposed to auto posting from your Facebook or Instagram account to Twitter.


So next time you share a photo on Instagram don’t hit to auto send to Twitter! Take the time to then open the Twitter app and post the nice Instagram photo you just created to your Twitter account through the Twitter app, then watch your interaction levels Twitter photo album increase.

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