Heineken and Twitter help you explore local hotspots

Posted on July 17, 2014 in Marketing, Social Media, Twitter — Share this via

So you’re out with friends and you want to go to another place – you then talk for the next 30 minutes trying to decide where next… Insert Heineken!

Heineken have come up with a great idea showcasing local hotspots to tell you where to find your next adventure.

The night is full of opportunity. Stop playing it safe and start exploring more. Whichever city you’re in, whatever day or time it is, just tweet @wherenext with your location and Heineken will tell you where next.

Heineken’s global head of digital, Paul Smailes, was quick to point out that the service won’t simply send patrons to bars and other hotspots that serve the beer – the company wants this to be a useful, and not necessarily branded-only, app.

“We want to provide frictionless experiences where consumers are already gathering rather than trying to force them to an app we’ve developed. It’s why we’ve developed something that doesn’t tell you what’s good based on historically data and is tuned into what’s hot right now in the social sphere.”

Heineken  Open Your City

Discover more at www.heineken.com/openyourcity

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