How to get more tweets?

Posted on June 1, 2014 in Social Media, Twitter


So you have just published another amazing blog/article and as always you want to get as much exposure from your post as possible – solution Click To Tweet.

Quite simply Click To Tweet is the easiest and simplest way to promote specific content within your blog/article to Twitter.

How To Setup Click To Tweet

  • Download and install Click To Tweet plugin on your WordPress site –
  • Setup Click To Tweet to display your Twitter handle
  • When creating your post click the Twitter icon button
  • Enter the content you would like to show within the tweet box and to be shared on Twitter
  • And your done, now you can create beautiful Click To Tweet box in your blog posts.

How is this different from the simple tweet button that you can add to your website?

When you are creating your blog/article the title of the page generally has to be something that is SEO friendly, SEO friendly though doesn’t mean social friendly. While it’s great that users will share your content to Twitter using the standard Twitter tweet button, now however you have the ability to really engage users on Twitter. You can have a tweet function next to any important content within your post. Users on Twitter will then be more incline to click on a tweets that has a quote about a blog/article or that show important statistics/research.

Happy tweeting!

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