What was my first tweet?

Posted on September 5, 2013 in Social Media, Twitter


Can you actually remember what your first tweet was? If you are like me I have no idea what my first tweet was. No doubt it wasn’t very informative or of any value.

Well if you ever did wondered what your first tweet was here is how you can find out.

1. Visit Topsy.com
2. Above the search box click the tweets tab
3. Enter from:username in the search box, where username is the Twitter username you wish to search ie from:adam_barrell

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 9.58.46 am

4. Click the search icon
5. In the Latest Results box on the left sidebar, select All Time
6. In the Sort by box in the top right, select Oldest
7. Then you will be able to see what your first tweet or RT was

For me the first bits of wisdom I shared with the Twitter world was…


Well my first ever Twitter activity was not actually a Tweet it was a RT

first-tweetand my first actual tweet was a tweet to Tom Gleeson asking him if he would be coming to Perth anytime soon

So there you have it my first steps into Twitter. What was your first tweet?

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