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Welcome to O Town

After a 2.5hr train trip we were finally in Baltimore. After our whole trip is done it would be interesting to see how much time was spent on buses, trains and planes!

Arriving at Baltimore Penn Station we walked out of the station and jumped on the free Purple Bus (similar to the Cat buses we have in Perth city) to take us to the harbour. We walked around the harbour for about 45mins taking in the sites and sounds while cooling down with the breeze that had just come in.


We then made our way to the Babe Ruth museum, once we walked into the Baltimore CBD the breeze was gone and it became real hot real fast. We attempted to grab the free orange bus which would have dropped us off right near the museum but after waiting for 15mins (buses are meant to run every 6mins) in the sun we decided to walk the 20mins to get to the museum. While walking to the museum we didn’t even see an orange bus go past so guess we made the right call to walk even though it was a long hot walk.

Babe Ruth Museum


The best baseball player ever and I think it would be hard to argue against it. We visited the Babe Ruth museum which was a short walk from Camden Yards. The museum presents the life and times of George Herman “Babe” Ruth, Baltimore’s native son who became America’s first sports celebrity and an international icon.

While the Hall of Fame has an extensive exhibition, it was still great to take in more information about the Babe. The highlights of the museum were the wall of badges for all his home runs plus seeing a few more of his bats, those things must have weighed a tone and could explain why he hit so many homeruns when you are able to swing a 40+ ounce bat!

Camden Yards


Camden Yards has long said to be one of the best ball parks in baseball.

First on my list once we were in the stadium was to get an Orioles cap (for every ballpark I go to I will be getting the home teams cap.) I had to go to a couple stores to get the cap I wanted but once I found it we were ready to find our seats. We walked past countless food vendors and bars but decided it was best to get to our seat first then get eats and drinks.

Walking up the stairs to our seats and first impression once we saw the field… and I was sold… this is amazing! Our seats were about 20 seats back and just off of home plate towards the Rockies dugout, giving us the perfect view of the game aswell as the right field stands and building.


Bundy was on the hill for the O’s and Gray for Rockies, meant we were in for a tough game with both guys capable of throwing in high 90’s (155kph+ for us Aussies.) Bundy had the most filthy curveball I have see and with his fastball he was making light work of the Rockies carrying a perfect game into the 5th inning! However in the 5th inning Bundy walked a batter with 1 out and then gave up a homerun to the number 9 hitter, he would then give another homerun up to the number 2 hitter and just like that a perfect game/no hitter was gone and the O’s were down 3-0, which they were then unable to comeback from.

So other highlights of the game were watching Chris Davis one of MLBs top homerun hitters lay a bunt down the 3rd baseline as the Rockies had played him for the shift so there was no one standing at 3rd, it was an easy single he could have walked to first. The other highlight was Manny hitting a no doubter to left field and watching the crowd go crazy. Also the hot dogs were winners aswell and I’d say better than Yankee stadium.


After the game we had to jump back on the train for our 2.5hr trip back to NY. By the time we had got back to the hotel and called it a night it was 2am.

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