How to Ask Siri for Tweets

Posted on September 24, 2013 in Apple, iOS, iPhone


Here is a new feature to iOS 7 and it’s Twitter integration… you can now ask Siri to find tweets from a specific user. Here’s how!

1. Hold down the ‘Home’ button to activate Siri


2. Ask Siri: “What’s ‘Twitter username’ saying? In this example I asked what is ‘Adam underscroll Barrell’ saying to get the following


3. #POW you have tweets which you can now interactive with



Want to be able to search Siri for hashtags or a term on Twitter? Well here’s how.

1. Hold down the ‘Home’ button to activate Siri


2. Ask Siri: “Search Twitter ‘hashtag or term’” In this example given Perth has gone Freo made I decided to see how well Siri would go picking up a relatively difficult hashtag. I asked Siri “Search Twitter hashtag Go Freo”. Amazingly Siri picked it up first go.


3. YEAH! Now you have #GOFREO tweets which you can interactive with



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