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The Hall of Fame weekend has come to a close and we are now back in New York. Safe to say New York is a little bit more bustling than Albany.

Again for some reason Scott and father decide 6am is a great time to get up again, so we are all up for an early start. The old man has been put on the DL for today with a sore back, as Scott and I advised it might be best for him to rest up today as we needed him in the lineup for Baltimore tomorrow.

So given the old man is on the DL Goldie has been called up to the big leagues to take the old mans place on the 9/11 tour, museum and One World Tower.

Scott and I jumped on the subway heading ‘Macklemore’ and caught up with Goldie at Union Square. Last time I met up with Goldie in Union Square people on the train and at the station didn’t seem to be wearing any pants. This time people had pants on and we caught up with Goldie at one of his favourite coffee spots. Given it was already low 30s at 930am I decided to get an ice espresso – essentially cup of ice with a shot of espresso poured over, perfect combo for a hot summers day. I’ll be bringing this back to Perth!

After a coffee stop and a quick catch-up we had to make our way to the checkpoint for the 9/11 tour.

9/11 Tour


The last time I was in New York I had already been on a similar tour however Scott obviously hadn’t been on the tour and Goldie being a NY local hadn’t been it either.

Alison our tour guide started by telling the story of her day on 9/11. It was interesting to hear a different 9/11 story as i think it is hard for people outside of New York to comprehend just how much this day affected the city, not just with the loss of friends and family, but also the shut down of a major part of New York.

The tour took us to key 9/11 areas starting at St Paul’s Chapel, which is now famous as it was one of the few buildings that didn’t receive any damage by the blasts/debris on the day – not even a scratch! The church was also the refuge for police, fireman and first responders, providing them with a place to rest and recover before heading back into the affected areas.

We progressed to the sites of where the previous WTC buildings once stood and the construction of new towers in their place.

This was now the second time I have visited the ground zero pools, the memorial site of where the great twin tours once stood and it is still quite an overwhelming experience. This time visiting it wasn’t -16 so there were a few more people around. Alison explained to us the significance of the white roses placed on people’s names (the white symbols that it would have been the persons birthday today.) We were then given time to walk around, take it all in and grab some photos and videos. I’m still not sure why people take selfies or group photos with their thumbs up at this location, I guess it might just be me but it just doesn’t seem right.

9/11 Museum


Once the tour had finished we then made our way to the 9/11 Museum. Jessica and I didn’t get a chance to go the museum tour last time on the account that we were beyond frozen and just needed to get back to the hotel to warm up.

I had no idea that the museum was so big! It was really impressive and to take it all in you would actually need to spend half a day if not more walking through. We unfortunately only had about 2 hours to walk through the museum and then grab some lunch before our One World tour at 2pm.

The museum showcase items recovered from the affected area, timeline of the events that occurred on the day along with footage from the day. This is definitely a must see for anyone travelling to NY to gain a greater understanding of what happen on the day.

One World Tower


Now New York’s tallest building with a 360 view, the One World Tower is one of New York must see attraction. Also a fun fact – it is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, and the sixth-tallest in the world. Going up 104 floors the lift turns into a time machine showing the evolution of New York from grasslands to the concrete jungle that it is today. You arrive on top floor and walk into a room where a video plays talking about the construction of the building and NY in general. As the video finished all the screens retract into the roof showing the amazing view behind of New York from 104 stories up.

We spent about an hour walking around the observation deck taking countless photos/videos as well as trying to take selfies, however with the glass and bright sunlight on the city we were unable to get selfies that showed both us and the city #firstworldproblems.

Night out


It was a good idea to put the old man on the DL for the day as we walked over 9km and we hadn’t even gone out for dinner yet. But the old man was coming off the DL tonight so we had a casual stroll for about 1mile to get to the restaurant.

Goldie was in charge of organising dinner for the night and he chose one of his favourite steakhouses. Not you typical $10 steakhouse this was a quality steakhouse, evident by the $70 wagu steak. This was our first decent meal in NY that wasn’t in wrap, pizza, burger or hotdog form. I felt so much better for it!

Dinner was a great time to relax with great eats, a few beers and talk shop with Goldie. After dinner the night was still young so we decided a few more beers were required – taking a right out of the restaurant and walked into the first pub we came to, which happen to be a British pub. It was a weird British pub thought as there was not one British person working or actually in there, they were also playing baseball games on the big screens, which was a win for us.

We were able to fit in a few more beers before we called it a night at midnight as we had a long day ahead of us tomorrow – with our day trip to Baltimore.

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