15 tips to increase your Twitter engagement

Posted on July 18, 2014 in Social Media, Twitter


So you want more retweets, favourites and click throughs on Twitter?

There are numerous variables which attribute to the interaction your tweets receive on Twitter.

Twitter now more than ever is a visual medium – Tweets with images generate 150 percent more retweets, 89 percent more favourites and 18 percent more clicks than those without. Simply post a photo(s) with your tweet or ensure that you have Twitter cards enabled on your website to automatically add a photo to your link tweets.

Be polite – If you want to increase your retweets simply ask nicely, tweets that mention please retweet get 4x retweets than those without.

Time to cut out the waffle in your tweets – Twitter’s 140 character limit is sometimes hard at the best of times to fit everything in, however the tweet sweetspot for characters is 71 to 100 characters.

For 15 tips to increase your tweet engagement see the infographic below fromĀ socialmarketingwriting.com.

Please note though that these are overarching tips, to discover what really works for your Twitter account set up test to get a greater understanding of how you can maximise your Twitter engagement.


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